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If you run a home service business, chances are you have heard of Google Local Service Ads. But what are they, and how can your business take advantage of them? At Plumbing & HVAC SEO, we help our clients through the process and provide a seamless transition into getting their businesses in the Google Local Service Ads program.

What Are Google Local Service Ads?

Google Local Service Ads allow you to advertise your business at the very top of Google Search - above all paid search, maps, and organic listings. These leads are received in the form of phone calls or messages sent via your Local Service Ads. It is a pay-per-lead service much like HomeAdvisor, for example, where there is a set cost for all leads depending on your service area (average is $23-25).

How Do Google Local Services Ads Work for Plumbing & HVAC Contractors?

The Local Services unit is shown at the top of Google Search results when people search for the services you offer in your area. Potential customers can either call you or send you a message request by clicking on your ad. When they do, you’ll get an email and notification from the Local Services Ads app. From this point on, the lead is yours to turn into a customer.

To ensure you continue to receive messages, respond to as many of them as you can (even if you decline to provide the requested service). If you regularly fail to respond to messages or have repeated delays in your responses, the option for customers to send message requests to your business may be removed or your ad ranking may be affected. In other words, this is something that requires daily monitoring.

How Rank Is Determined

Your ranking within the Local Services unit is determined by a number of factors that help Google match service providers to consumers.

Factors that can affect your ranking within the Local Services unit include:
  • YOUR PROXIMITY to potential customers’ locations.
  • YOUR REVIEW SCORE and the number of reviews your receive.
  • YOUR RESPONSIVENESS to customer inquiries and requests.
  • YOUR HOURS of operation.
  • WHETHER or not Google has received serious or repeated complaints about your business.
In addition to these ranking factors, Google will attempt to spread out the leads you receive over time. This is to prevent you from spending your entire budget early in the budget period. If your ad is generating leads more quickly than your budget can accommodate, you may see your ranking affected or your ad paused temporarily in order to spread out your leads more evenly.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Google Local Service Ads be available in my area?
If Google Local Service Ads are not yet available in your area, make sure to submit an interest for so that you are on their list when the time comes. Check eligibility and create an account here: "
What is the difference between Google Home Services Ads and Google Local Service Ads?
Google Local Service Ads is what Google Home Services ads used to be. They did a rebrand and changed the name to avoid confusion with the Google Home smart speaker.
How are the top 3 advertisers chosen? Is it based on reviews, conversions, proximity, etc?
Proximity is the biggest factor followed by reviews. However, if you are not on top of your dashboard and managing leads correctly and on a timely basis, you will start to show much less. If you turn away too many leads, Google will assume you can’t handle the load and display your ad less.
What Is the Google Guaranteed program?
In short, the Google Guaranteed Program ensures that the business which has received the status of “Google Guaranteed” has gone through a strict screening process by Google. This process includes background checks, as well as licensing and insurance checks. It also screens your ratings and reviews. Customers which book jobs with a Google Guaranteed business have the assurance that if the job is not done right, they can submit a claim, and Google will refund their money.
Are you a current client and ready to take advantage of Google Local Service Ads, but not sure where to start? Call and ask your Strategic Partner to help you expedite the process for you.


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